Griffiths Arts Center

Wind Ensemble

The Wind Ensemble presents their spring concert under the guidance of director Kyle Tupper. The varied offerings include a medley of Mancini tunes, Les Miserables, With Quiet Courage by Larry Daehn, Ride by Samuel R. Hazo, and Chorale and Shaker Dance by John Zdechlik.

Free admission. Open to the public.

SoundSandBox: Bara Buk (Sounds of Storytelling)

A long, long time ago... all of our ancestors lived, learned, and grew together through the stories they shared generation after generation.Please join us Thursday, April 13th at 8pm in Peterson-Kermani Hall as SoundSandBox celebrates our common heritage, with music and movement featuring the sounds and stories of native North America, Korea, Australia, Haiti, and west Africa. We invite you, your friends and family, to come, reconnect to your imagination, your childlike wonder, and enjoy the ride. Free admission. Open to the public.

Senior Recital: José Santelices Ormazábal

José Santelices Ormazábal ’17 offers his senior recital, accompanied by Barbara Phillips-Farley.

Dichterliebe, Robert Schumann

Rosa del ciel from Orfeo, Claudio Monteverdi

Après un rêve, Gabriel Fauré

Ann street and Two little flowers, Charles Ives

De’ miei bollenti spiriti from La Traviata, Giuseppe Verdi

Los vareadores from Luisa Fernanda, Federico Moreno Torroba


Free admission. Open to the public.

Mainstage production: Everyman

Everyman is successful, popular, and riding high when Death comes calling. Forced to abandon the life he has built, he embarks on a last, frantic search to recruit a friend, anyone, to speak in his defense. But Death is close behind, and time is running out. One of the great primal, spiritual myths, Everyman asks whether it is only in death that we can understand our lives.

Directed by Angela Sweigart-Gallagher.

Bharatanatyam Dance of India

Sonali Skandan is a skilled performer of bharatanatyam, one of the classical dance traditions of India.  Bharatanatyam embodies music, dance, drama, poetry and mythology to create a highly stylized artistic experience.  She will be accompanied by a small troupe of musicians. 

For more information about Sonali Skandan and bharatanatyam, see her website. If you click on the “gallery” tab you will see many beautiful photos, and if you hover your mouse over the pictures you will discover that some of them are videos.

Gallery Discussion with More is More Exhibition Artist: David Gaither

David Gaither is an emerging, self-taught artist from Atlanta, Georgia, whose paintings are bursting with multicolored, non-objective shapes that create an optical tapestry. Figurative forms occasionally occupy these half-real, half-fantasy worlds of the artist’s own meticulous creation. A wide range of iconographic allusions, both recognizable and nonspecific, are depicted in vibrant colors and geometric forms. Large-scale, immersive triptychs and tondos are expansive and elaborate, challenging the distinction between ordinary pictorial space and that depicted in the abstract work.


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