Student Time Entry | St. Lawrence University Business Office

Student Time Entry

  • Student employees may enter their time by accessing the SLU Portal from the start of the pay period until noon on Monday after the pay period closes.  Time may be entered from any computer on campus or a computer off campus if using the Virtual Private Network (VPN) service as described on the Information Technology webpage.  A student should then log in with their network ID and password.
  • Once logged onto the Portal, students should select the Time Entry and Approval tab in the upper right corner.  If the Time Entry option is not displayed, contact Debora Moschell at X5573 or
  • Students who have more than one position will see multiple timesheets displayed and will generally need to complete a time sheet for each department in which they are employed.  Please choose the timesheet and click submit. The employing department and supervisor is indicated for each timesheet as well as the deadline by which the timesheet must be completed and submitted for approval.
  • Students should enter their hours on the appropriate line for the date they worked in the column headed Hours Worked.  Students should not enter data to any other column on this timesheet.
  • Once hours have been entered, students should save their timesheet by clicking on SUBMIT at the bottom of the screen.  Any error and warning messages will be displayed at the top of the screen.  Error messages will prevent the timesheet from being processed and must be corrected.  Warning messages should be noted and corrections made if required, but will not prevent the timesheet from being updated.
  • Once all hours for the pay period have been correctly entered, students should electronically sign their timesheet by "checking this box becomes your electronic signature acknowledging your submitted time as accurate and ready for supervisor approval". 
  • A message will then be sent to the supervisor notifying them the timesheet has been fowarded for supervisor approval.
  • Once a timesheet has been signed, it can not be updated unless rejected by the supervisor.
  • Once a student's supervisor has approved or rejected an employee's timesheet, the student will receive a notification email.  If the timesheet was rejected, a reason will be noted in the email and the student should access the timesheet again to make the necessary corrections and resubmit.  This is done using the same screens as when initially entering time. 
  • Students should then log out of the Portal by closing the browser.