Student Time Approval | St. Lawrence University Business Office

Student Time Approval

  • Student employees may enter their time by accessing SLUPortal from the start of the pay period until noon on Monday after the pay period closes. Pay periods end on Sunday and the deadline for supervisors to approve time is 1 PM the following Monday. Time may be entered from any computer on campus or a computer off campus if using the Virtual Provide Network (VPN) service as described on the Information Technology webpage.
  • In order to approve time, supervisors should go to the url address and then select the HR Simulation environment.
  • You may be asked for user network ID and password. (This is what you enter when you first log on in the morning.)
  • A list of timesheets for student employees the supervisor is responsible for will be listed in alphabetical order. 
  • Supervisors should review each timesheet.
  • Enter your network ID and password as assigned by the IT department.
  • Then click Submit.
  • Click Time Approval.
  • If option not listed, contact Jessica Manning before approving and may select several timesheets at once. The selected timesheets will then be displayed one after the other as each approval or rejection is submitted. 
  • Hours should only be entered in the Regular Hours column.
  • Click the box in the column headed Review Entry for the employee’s timesheet you wish to review.
  • Supervisors should scroll down the screen and will see a drop down box to indicate their approval or rejection of the timesheet. If a timesheet is rejected, the supervisor should notify the student by entering the student’s email address and comments in to the appropriate boxes. When finished entering data to this screen, Supervisors should click Submit.
  • If several timesheets were selected for review, the system will move to the next timesheet. Once the final timesheet is submitted, the supervisor will receive a Confirmation message.
  • Supervisors may review timesheets they have approved by selecting Employee History from the Time Entry section.
  • Select the student for which you wish to review timesheets and click Submit.
  • Click Submit again.
  • All timesheets the supervisor has approved for the student during the year will be listed and supervisors simply select the one they wish to review before clicking Submit.