Frequently Asked Questions


When does my time get submitted to my supervisor?

We recommend that you enter your time daily. On the last day that you work in a pay period when you have completed your time entries, you check the box at the bottom of the page that talks about the electronic signature and click submit. At this point, an email goes to your supervisor informing them your time entry is available for their approval. For more email information please see the web time entry email overview question.

What are the due dates for time entry?

The regular pay periods and time entry due dates can be found by clicking here.  The due date for the current pay period is also listed at the top of your web time entry screen.

How do the Web time entry email notices work?

An email is sent to the supervisor when an employee checks the electronic signature box at the bottom of their timesheet and hits submit. An email is sent back to the employee when the timesheet is approved or rejected by the supervisory or the supervisor alternate.


What do I do if my timesheet is rejected?

Your supervisor must inform you the reason the time sheet was rejected.  Address your supervisor’s concern and resubmit the timesheet.  

What if I am away - how do I get my time in? 

You can enter in your time as long as you have access to the Internet. From off campus you will also need to connect to the system using VPN.

Your supervisor or alternate can enter and submit your time for you if you are unable to complete your time input when you are away.

Please enter your time daily so if you are away there is less for someone else to fill out.

What if my supervisor is away - what should I do?

Every employee has a supervisor and a supervisor alternate assigned to approve their time entry.  The employee should notify the alternative if their supervisor is not available.

What if both my supervisor and alternate are away - what should I do?

Your supervisor and alternate should be coordinating their approval responsibilities.  If both are going to be away for a period of time, the system assignments can be changed to another person who will be responsible for the approval of your time entry. 

As an approver, if I see something that needs to be changed on a time sheet should I reject it and have the employee fix it or have a conversation with the employee and fix it myself for the employee?

Either option is available and it depends on the situation what option is best.

Supervisors will see the same timesheet the employee will see. 

How long will time history be available online? 
Three years. 

What if time hasn't been approved and it is overdue?

The business office will be reviewing missing time entry and approvals for bi-weekly employees on the day it is due. If something is missing, they will be contacting your department.



How do I tell what shift time was in my last paycheck? 

This is shown on your time history for the pay period. To review time history, click here then click Colleague Web Access (upper right) -> Time Entry and Approval -> Time History

What if I don’t have a computer and want to see my pay advice? 

Public access computers are available in the student center and library. 

How, and where should I, print my pay advice on campus? 

Please click here to see what your printing options are.

How long will past pay advices be available online? 

Three years. Your manager(s) cannot see your pay advice, only your time sheet history.



What is the set/reset password site? 

Click here to reset your password. 

Everyone is encouraged to setup your password to get access to the new Datatel system now. If you have problems with your ID and password, please call the IT helpdesk at X5770 for support.

Use your network ID and password to log into the new portal. This is the same ID and password you would use to log onto a computer or to check your email.

How confidential should I keep my ID and password?

Do not share your password with others because they could then look at your pay information. 

To keep your information safe, when you are done looking at your pay advice please lock or log off of your computer. If this isn’t possible and you are at a public access computer in the student center please click the home button in the browser and your entire past browser history will be removed.


Employees who normally work less than 12 months a year will see smaller amounts withheld from their salary payments for income taxes, resulting in a higher amount of net pay.  This is because the Datatel system uses annual income amounts to determine appropriate tax percentage withholdings, while the current system uses current pay period amounts to determine this.  Using current pay period amounts includes an assumption that the amount an employee earns each pay period will be earned throughout the year, and therefore assuming a higher earned income from the university that actually is not realized. Since higher incomes are taxed at higher percentage rates, this method causes more income tax to be withheld in each paycheck from the salary of employees working less than 12 months a year than they are generally required to pay based on their actual annual income.   These employees generally receive a tax refund upon filing their annual tax return, but of course that is dependent on other factors such as additional sources of income from a spouse, another job, etc.

Employees are always able to request an additional amount be withheld from their salary payment for income tax purposes by submitting a completed a W-4 (federal) or IT-2104 (state).   A helpful publication for understanding income tax withholding amounts is available at Publication 919.