Centresuite-Approving an M&T Expense Report | St. Lawrence University Business Office

Centresuite-Approving an M&T Expense Report

  • Approvers will receive an email from notifications@centresuite.com that a travel expense report has been submitted for their approval.  They may click the link provided and login CentreSuite with their user ID and password.  When accessing CentreSuite, be sure to use Internet Explorer as the browser.
  • Expense reports ready for approval can be found on the "Home" tab, under "My Tasks".  Click on "For Your Approval".
  • A list of expense reports for approval will be displayed.  Click on details, "...", of the report you wish to approve.  Review the transactions, descriptions, account number, object codes and receipts for accuracy and completeness.
  • Choose to either "Approve & Close" or "Reject".  If the report is rejected submit a note for the reason so corrections can be made.  For instance, if receipts are not attached you will reject the report with the note "attach receipts".
  • The employee will receive an email that their expense report has been approved.