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Vincent Pacilio '84

Vincent Pacilio
Class year: 
Kenya Semester

Vincent Pacilio ’84 never anticipated working in finance while studying biology at St. Lawrence University. He says, “Early on, I enjoyed biology and envisioned possibly being a veterinarian.” At one point he even considered going into healthcare administration or pharmaceuticals.

Eventually, he found his passion in finance. Now the Executive Vice President of Global Client Management at BNY Mellon, and a member of its Operating Committee, Pacilio says, “The sciences provided me with the skills to study, analyze and report on complex real-life environments.” However, it was “the foundations of many subjects and varying experiences which helped my life and career take shape.”

 One of those experiences was Pacilio’s semester in Kenya. He says that living “in a vastly different social, cultural and economic environment” prepared him for future interactions with “different cultures and customs as I meet individuals in the global workplace and in international banking management.” 

As an employer, Pacilio is an advocate for St. Lawrence’s new business in the liberal arts major because it spans almost every academic discipline. Its interdisciplinary nature, including a requirement that it be part of a double major, is appropriate, he says, because “Business, in some capacity, crosses over into almost every part of our lives, everywhere in the world.”

--Stephanie Eldon ’14