Social Responsibility

To be successful, business leaders of tomorrow must be mindful of the full implications of their products and services, work environments, and relationship to the communities where they find themselves. As such, students are required to take courses that challenge them to think through all the implications of business decisions as well as evaluate the implicit values in the seeking of profit. Future business leaders educated at St. Lawrence University will be voices for more holistic decision-making that balances civic obligation, environmental sustainability, and profitability.

Courses that May Fill This Elective Include (but are not limited to):

CHEM 306: Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology

ECON 308: Environmental Economics

ECON 384: Natural Resources

ENVS 101: Intro to Environmental Studies

GOVT 312: Environment Law and Politics

GOVT 316: Ethics in Business and the Professions

GOVT 343: Ecology and Political Thought

PEAC 120: Introduction to Peace Studies

PHIL 203: Ethical Theory

PHIL 310: Environmental Philosophy

PSYC 313: Industrial/Organizational Psychology

PSYC 318: Environmental Psychology

SOC 124: Dirty Business