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Social Contexts

Students entering the business world must be cognizant of the social contexts within which all businesses operate. Courses that examine the complexity of society and social interaction, human learning and or personality will prepare students interested in business careers to be mindful of social contexts and, where appropriate, their own place within them. Such preparation will help students to appreciate the ways in which business functions internally as well as part of a larger whole. The courses available to students in this elective area address domestic and/or global social contexts.

Courses that May Fill This Elective Include (but are not limited to):

ECON 305: Industrial Organization

ECON 309: Labor Economics

ECON 336: Economic Development

GEND 103: Gender and Society

HIST 263: 18xx-1865 African American History

HIST 264: 1865-Present African American History

PCA 315: Gender and Communication

PHIL 290: Gender and Feminist Theory

PHIL 334: Feminist Philosophy

PSYC 253: Personality

PSYC 325: Social Psychology

SOC 112: Inequality

SOC 228: Race and Ethnicity

SOC 253: Race, Class and Environmental Justice