Global Citizenship

The high degree of global economic activity and communication that characterizes the world of the 21st century demands that students entering the business world come prepared for that reality. Business in the Liberal Arts majors will be required to take at least one course that introduces them to global cultural, historical, or political economy issues. Majors are encouraged to maximize the opportunities to familiarize themselves with global issues or particular areas of the world beyond the one course requirement.

Courses that May Fill This Elective Include (but are not limited to):

Any Modern Language Course

BIOL 412: Cross-Cultural Perspectives in Healing

ECON 322: International Economics

GOVT 108: International Politics

GOVT 228: Latin American Politics

GS 333: Ethics of Global Citizenship

HIST 205: 19th Century Europe

HIST 206: 20th Century Europe

PHIL 223: Asian Philosophy

PHIL 232: Africana Philosophy

PHIL 333: Ethics of Global Citizenship