Liqian Ma

Liqian Ma
Liqian Ma
Changsha, China

My name is Liqian Ma’16 from Changsha, China. Since high school, I have been attracted to biology because of the interesting course topics. However, back then, my encounter with biology was only about the theories. After coming to St. Lawrence University, I could not only develop myself in various fields thanks to the liberal arts curriculum, but also experience biology in action. One of the most important factors that introduced me to “biology in action” was the welcoming atmosphere in the biology department. The “open arms” of biology professors gave me the opportunity to start my research experience early as a college student. In my first year, I worked with Dr. Pai and gained my first experience in a laboratory setting. Currently, I have a focus on cell and molecular biology, working with Dr. Heckman, who is also the mentor of my summer research fellowship and SYE project. The primary goal for my SYE project is to investigate the safety of using cerium oxide nanoparticles as a therapeutic drug to treat multiple sclerosis. These research experiences have been valuable in preparing me for PhD graduate studies in biomedical science beginning Fall 2016. Being a biology major at SLU has been a journey not only for developing my personal interests and growth, but also to enable me to pursue a career in which I can help people struggling with difficult medical conditions. In the interactive community at SLU, helping each other has been a quotidian theme. With my experiences and this spirit from SLU, I hope to continue my research in the biomedical field and strive for better health for others.