Dr. Susan Willson Awarded Grant for Grassland Birds Study

St. Lawrence University Assistant Professor of Biology Susan Willson has been awarded a $2,500 grant by the Northern New York chapter of the Audubon Society for continued study on a project called "Bird-Friendly Hayfields as Refugia for North Country Grassland Birds." The grant will allow Willson to hire a St. Lawrence undergraduate student as her research assistant for the summer, when the study will be completed.

Her research explores whether haying practices on small family-run and Amish farms may be assisting in keeping grassland birds from becoming extinct, and compares local practices with those on large agribusiness farms.

Northern New York Audubon, which serves the Adirondack, Champlain and St. Lawrence regions of the state, is dedicated to conserving and restoring natural ecosystems in the Adirondacks, focusing on habitats of particular importance to birds, other wildlife, humanity and the Earth's biological diversity as a whole. Grants are made through the chapter's Joseph and Joan Cullman Foundation.