2016 Conservation Biology Symposium

The 2016 Conservation Biology Symposium will take place this year on Wednesday May 4th from 10:30 am - 4:30 pm in Room 112 of the Johnson Hall of Science. At this annual event, senior Conservation Biology majors present the results of research they conduct during their capstone course.

Symposium Schedule:

10:30 am    Introduction

10:35 am   The Environmental Impacts of Microplastics: An Investigation of Microplastic Pollution in North Country Waterbodies
                   — Kim Haab and Samantha Haab

11:25 am    North Country Forests Lose their Voice: A Case Study of Mercury Bioaccumulation in Songbirds
                  — Kristen Jovanelly and Samantha Rock

12:15 pm   Break

12:30 pm   Dairy in the North Country and its effect on Biodiversity
                 — Jeff Clemente, Bryan Mathis and Erika Rodbell

1:20 pm   Silent Invaders: Biodiversity Decline as a Result of Eurasian Mussel Overpopulation
                — Trixie Gilroy and Carlie Wright

2:10 pm   Break

2:25 pm   Amphibian Declines in the North Country: The Culprits and the Cures
                 —Darcy Best and Jake Hendricks

3:15 pm   Heritage Strain Brook Trout: Remnants of an Adirondack History
               — Justin Dalaba and Jeff Mogavero

4:05 pm   Roundtable Discussion