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Health Careers

The Health Careers Committee is a diverse faculty committee whose goal is to help students find their true calling, make smart academic and extracurricular choices, and gain admission to professional school. In order to accomplish this mission, there are two main tasks undertaken by the committee: pre-health advising and Health Careers Committee interviews.

Pre-health advising is available to all students. Freshmen should email the pre-health advisor of their choice and request a meeting during their first semester. Career exploration and shadowing are important activities to begin as soon as possible. Pre-health advisors suggest opportunities and resources to help students achieve the excellence professional schools are looking for in their academic coursework, clinical experience, recommendations, admission test scores, community service and research.

Health Careers Committee interviews should take place the semester before completing applications for professional school (typically the spring semester before you submit a summer application). The materials you compile for the interview and the practice interview itself will inform the best possible committee letter on your behalf.

What is a Health Career?

Which Health Career is for me?

What makes St. Lawrence University a great option for someone that is interested in pursuing a health career?

Who can I talk to about pursuing a Health Career?

I am an international student interested in a Health Career. What do I need to know?

What is Shadowing vs Clinical Experience?

I know shadowing is important.  How do I arrange shadowing opportunities?

Are there any service or volunteer experiences that involve health and health care?

How could I best use a gap year before graduate/professional school?

Which Health Careers require a Health Careers Committee letter?