Pre-Health Program (PHP) | St. Lawrence University Biology

Pre-Health Program (PHP)

The Pre-Health Program (PHP) provides to all St. Lawrence University students:

-Academic advising

-Health Career preparation informational sessions and consultations

-Health Career Interviews

-Recommendation letters from our Health Careers Committee


Career paths supported by the Pre-Health Program include:


Pre-Physician Assistant   



Pre-Physical Therapy       



Other Health Careers


Find out what our alumni are up to after graduating from SLU:

Training and working in Health Careers


Find out what alumni have to say about health career preparation at SLU:

Why I chose SLU

The SLU experience that helped me be successful


To participate in the Pre-Health Program: 

Get in touch with a PHP advisor or the PHP Co-Chairs Dr. Kari Heckman and Dr. Jane Kring to request a meeting to discuss your career goals and interests.  Start this advising process as soon as you come to campus as a First-Year student!


Check out St. Lawrence University’s Signature Course series:

Health Coaches I and II with CBL- open to all PHP students

Foundations of Medicine I and II- open to Pre-Med students


Frequently asked questions:

What is a Health Career?

Which Health Career is for me?

What makes St. Lawrence University a great option for someone that is interested in pursuing a health career?

Who can I talk to about pursuing a Health Career?

I am an international student interested in a Health Career. What do I need to know?

What is Shadowing vs Clinical Experience?

I know shadowing is important.  How do I arrange shadowing opportunities?

Are there any service or volunteer experiences that involve health and health care?

How could I best use a gap year before graduate/professional school?

Which Health Careers require a Health Careers Committee letter?