Multicultural Affairs | St. Lawrence University Associate Dean of Student Life

Multicultural Affairs

The Associate Dean of Student Life also has responsibilities for diversity and Multicultural Affairs and is committed to working with students, staff, and faculty to foster a cooperative, diversified and productive atmosphere at St. Lawrence University.  This office assists students from various ethnic, social and cultural backgrounds in making a smooth transition to college life in the North Country.

Other tasks would include the following:

  • Work with student organizations/groups in developing multicultural programming.
  • Provide leadership training for cultural groups.
  • Advise MIC (Men in Color) support group.
  • Advise and assist theme living areas with cultural programming.
  • Advise multicultural groups in programming and assessment of campus climate.
  • Work with Vice President and Dean in the development and programming for Presidential Diversity Scholars.
  • Work with CHAS – Consortium of Higher Achievement and Success.
  • Support for gay, lesbian and transgender students and organizations.