Committee Membership - Previous Years

Committee Membership for AY 2013-2014

  • Carol Bate (Co-chair), Assistant Dean of Student Life and Director of Career Services
  • Alison Del Rossi (Co-chair), Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Associate Professor, Economics
  • Rebecca Daniels, Associate Dean of the First Year and Birdsong Associate Professor of Performance & Communication Arts
  • Kirk Fuoss, Director of Rhetoric and Communication Program and Associate Professor of Performance and Communication Arts
  • Meg Flaherty, Associate Director of Student Activities & Leadership Education
  • Karen Gibson, Director of the Munn Center for Rhetoric and Communication and Visiting Instructor of Rhetoric and Communication
  • Michelle Gillie, Access Services Librarian, ODY Library
  • Valerie Lehr, Vice President of the University and Dean of Academic Affairs and Professor of Government and Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • Lorie MacKenzie, Associate Dean of Academic Administration and University Registrar
  • Christopher Marquart, Assistant Dean of Student Life and Director of Residence Life
  • Mary Jane Smith, Associate Professor of History and Coordinator of African American Studies
  • Eve Stoddard, Professor of Global Studies
  • Christine Zimmerman (Co-chair), Director of Institutional Research