Thoin Begum

Thoin Begum
Environmental Studies-Biology
Asian Studies
Brooklyn, NY
Founding President of the SLU Woodcarving Club

I have always had an interest in learning more about cultures and the interaction between societies and their environment. Visiting various parts of India, researching Ayurveda (traditional medicine), and exploring Asian cultures has given me a holistic view of India and a couple of the cultures there. My major of Environmental Studies has given me a strong understanding of biological interactions between individuals and the space they inhabit.  This has led me to develop an interest in researching various biological interactions taking place in the ecosystem. This began with studying Ayurveda and exploring the ethnobotany of medicinal plants. I expanded my interests by researching the role ornamental gardens can potentially play in conservation practices of native wild bees. My minors and majors have given me a diverse experience enabling me to ask various questions regarding human perception of culture, community, and the natural world.

Study Abroad: 
Off-Campus semester in the Adirondack Park, and Study abroad in India
On-campus employment: 
Admissions Ambassador & Science Writing Center Tutor