On-Campus Courses | St. Lawrence University Asian Studies

On-Campus Courses

Multi-Regional Courses

208.   Ancient Civilizations.

Art and Art History     
217.   Buddhist Art and Ritual.

Global Studies
101.   Introduction to Political Economy.**
222.   Asian Political Economy in the Global Age.

105.   Early Asian Civilizations.  
106.   Modern Asia.

103.   Philosophy East and West: An Introduction.
223.   Asian Philosophy.

Religious Studies
222.   Buddhist Religious Traditions.

Elective Courses

208.    Ancient Civilizations.
238.    The Pacific Islands. (east Asia)

Art and Art History     
212.    Icons of Islamic Architecture. (south Asia)
218.    Arts of South Asia. (south Asia)
319.    Gender Issues in Asian Art. (south Asia)

258.    Ethnobotany. (south & southeast Asia)
380.    Tropical Ecology. ** (south & southeast Asia)

Film and Representation Studies
271.    World Cinema.** (south Asia)

Global Studies  
101.    Introduction to Political Economy.**
222.    Asian Political Economy in the Global Age.


105. Comparative Politics. **         

291.    China's Rise (east Asia)
322.    Chinese Politics. (east Asia)

106.    Modern Asia.
292.    Revolutionary China. (east Asia)
377.    Colloquium in Asian History (topics vary). (east Asia)
475.    SYE: Seminar in Asian History. 

Modern Languages and Literatures
Chinese 101,102. Elementary Chinese.
Chinese 103, 104. Intermediate Chinese.
Chinese 201, 202 Advanced Chinese.
Japanese 101,102. Elementary Japanese.
Japanese103,104. Intermediate Japanese.
224.    Modern Japanese Literature and Film.* (east Asia)   
225.    Japanese Film and Culture.* (east Asia)
226.    Introduction to Japanese Drama.*(east Asia)
232.    Cultures of China.* (east Asia)
236.    Buddhism and Taoism through Literature and Film* (east Asia)
234.    Chinese Literature and Film.* (east Asia)
489, 490.    SYE: Independent Study. (east Asia)
*Literature in Translation courses

210.    Musics of the World.** (south Asia)
244.    Musics of South Asia. (south Asia)

103.     Philosophy East and West: An Introduction.
223.     Asian Philosophy.
390.     Focus on a Philosopher.** (east Asia)

Religious Studies
105.    Religion and Ecology (East/South Asia) 
221.    Religious Life of India (south Asia)
222.    Buddhist Religious Traditions.
223.    Religious Life of China. (east Asia)
224.    Islamic Religious Traditions**
226.    Religious Life of Japan. (east Asia)
370.    Asian Religions in the Modern World. (east Asia)
450, 451. Directed Studies in Religion.**

**These courses receive Asian studies credit only when they are taught by Asian Studies faculty. Special Topics courses with Asia content may be counted toward the minor and combined majors at the program coordinator’s discretion.