Technical Logistics Worksheet | St. Lawrence University Arts Collaborative

Technical Logistics Worksheet

Typical Events Funding Budget should include the following:

  • The items that we will fund include the following:
  • An appropriate artist’s fee for the performer[s]: this fee will include both the public performance as well as the workshop and classroom visits.
  • Travel to and from campus for the performer[s], including shipping for necessary props and/or set pieces you need for the performance
  • Meals and lodging on or near campus for the performer[s]
  • Pay for local student workers to assist in any necessary load-in, set-up, rehearsals, the performance, and the strike [stage manager, booth crew, backstage crew, wardrobe crew, as needed]
  • Incidental costs for performance event or open workshop supplies
  • Local publicity for the event

We can also provide the rehearsal/performance space and appropriate equipment needed for the performance if we receive a detailed technical rider prior to the residency.

Technical Rider/production needs [note: This presumes the production is designed, rehearsed and ready to travel; these requests are for the running of the performance on campus only]:

  • What size/area stage you need and how you want it set up, including curtains/masking needed.
  • Audio/visual support needed: lights, sound, and projections or other special effects [need to be very specific about exact equipment needs, i.e. number of microphones, projectors, screens, audio speakers, amplifiers, etc. needed]. You can provide a general or specific light plot; when requested we will try to duplicate your original design as much as possible
  • If an artist is bringing his/her own media presentation must be very specific re: exact computer s/he will be bringing and/or which running software is needed to play media on disks
  • Stage management [if SM not traveling with the performance] or other backstage personnel needed [wardrobe, backstage crew, booth crew, etc.]
  • Backstage and dressing room needs
  • Load-in, set-up, and rehearsal needs prior to the performance
  • Any staging needs [platforms, flats, furniture, etc] for items that are simply too large to be shipped or carried in your luggage