Arts Collaborative Proposal Form For Spring 2019 Events

SLU Arts Collaborative | Spring 2018 Proposal Form | For Spring 2019 Events Include as much detail as possible regarding how the project will be implemented. For help in selecting event locations, planning technical support, and estimating costs, please contact Evelyn Jennings in the Academic Affairs Office or Juli Pomainville, Arts Programming Coordinator.

1. Contact person at SLU (including project coordinator and support staff) and contact information.


2. Project title, description, and rationale.


3. Brief biography of the artist(s). Please feel free to include here links to additional information available on the internet.




4. Projected dates of visit, including anticipated time, date, and location for any major public event planned as part of this residency. Please check the university events calendar and contact Juli Pomainville to make sure that your proposed event(s) do not conflict with other arts events.


5. How do you anticipate this artist(s) will interact with students in academic departments and programs here? Are there particular courses you expect the artist(s) will visit? Are there any other co-curricular groups involved or activities planned?



6. Technical/logistical requirements, including room needs, personnel needs, and equipment needs, reservations, audio/visual equipment, and other technologies such as laptop, adaptors, mics, etc.). Please remember that some rooms and performance/exhibition spaces require special lighting, sound, or staffing. If the artist(s) normally provides a technical rider for events, please attach it. We ask that you also include confirmation from Jamie Richardson (IT), Terry Dubray (Music), or Cathy Tedford (Art/Gallery) that indicates that we have the facilities and equipment needed for your group/artist.




7. Budget, including costs for transportation, lodging, meals, honoraria or artist fees, and technical support. Allow $0.50 per mile for ground transportation if using a personal vehicle, $90-$200 per room per night for local lodging, and $30 per person per day for meals. You may also wish to plan a meal for the artist(s), faculty/staff, and students as an additional expense.



Please submit your proposal to Evelyn Jennings in the Academic Affairs Office.