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Arts Collaborative - Peace Paper Project: Panty Pulping

9/11/13 9:00am to 4:30pm

Arts Across The Curriculum
Presented By
Arts Collaborative

Peace Paper Project

Drew Matott and Margaret Mahan
Peace Paper

Monday, September 9 – Friday, September 13


Panty Pulping workshops bring people together to share their strengths and joy through the transformation of their most intimate garments into paper. The concept of creating paper from clothing with personal significance reaches a new level as participants of all ages snip, beat, and reform their underwear together. When we pulp our underwear, we make a statement that violence will not be tolerated. We stand together in solidarity for survivors, for the global advancement of women, and for creative revolutions. Participants will receive a Panty Pulping Manifesto, printed by Peace Paper.

This week-long, multi-layered event aims to bring awareness of sexual assault to a wide audience through active participation and hands-on learning. The content is social activism through the vehicle of art-making.