Spring 2018 Call for Proposals for Spring 2019 Events

Arts Collaborative | Spring 2018 Call for Proposals | For Spring 2019 Events

The Arts Collaborative works to bring artistic events and activities to the St. Lawrence community and to help integrate arts programming into courses and co-curricular activities. We invite proposals that explore the role of the arts across the curriculum from any individual, department, or program.

While we anticipate proposals involving guest artists, proposals involving presentations or performances by SLU faculty and staff are also welcome, and interdisciplinary collaboration is encouraged.  Student-sponsored events must include a faculty or staff coordinator.

  • We will consider proposals for events to occur in Spring 2019, up to $12,000.
  • We recognize that it requires significant lead time to book some artists, and arrange class visits and public activities/events.  Therefore, if you have an idea for or are interested in submitting a proposal for Fall 2019, please e-mail Brigett Ritchie  the details, including who/what, the description, and tentative dates and budget. The committee will review this pre-proposal and will request additional information if we would like to consider a full proposal for funding the residency/event.

Deadline for submission of both full proposals for Spring 2019 residencies and pre-proposals for Fall 2019 residencies is Monday, April 23rd.

***We encourage you to submit a draft of your proposal by Monday, April 9th  for early feedback to help improve the proposal.***

To submit a full proposal for Spring 2019, please use this form.

Other forms that will be helpful to you as you build your proposal:

Our major criteria in considering proposals are:

1.  that there will be some kind of public event, such as a performance, demonstration, reading, or concert, open to the entire campus and off-campus community;
2.  that the artist(s) is willing to be here for short campus residencies in order to visit classes, give workshops, and the like;
3.  that the individual proposing the event, with the support of Brigett Ritchie and the Arts Collaborative, will serve as coordinator for the residency;
4.  that the theme and style of the event will be unlike events funded by this committee in the past two years.