The Arts Annex: Jamming Headquarters

The Arts Annex might hide on the edge of St. Lawrence, but you can hear its residents jamming from across campus.

“People are always playing music here—it’s like no other house on campus,” says Patty Goodhines ’13, who founded the theme house in 2010 at the suggestion of a music professor.

“It’s a place for people to come and be creative,” she says, a chance for the 20-or-so residents to apply what they learn in the classroom to casual music-making with friends.

The Arts Annex houses St. Lawrence’s music library, a cozy room full of sheet music and digital recording technology where some Annex members also work. The Annex spreads its love for music and performance across campus by hosting Sunday morning listening sessions each week, monthly “Tuesday Open Jams” and a series of highly competitive singer/songwriter contests at Pub 56.

Annex members also participate in nearly every on-campus ensemble, from the Laurentian Singers and the Wind Ensemble to SLU Funk and contra dances. “We can all get together and play just about anything,” says Mike Ranellone ’14, who has lived in the Annex for two years. “We’re so in sync with each other’s music that we always have a lot of fun.”

--Molly Lunn ’12

Student Life