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Wanqi Wang

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Art & Art History
Beijing, China

I had grown up in Beijing, China and my Chinese identity made me influenced by both eastern art and western art. I started to learn drawing at the age of six and I really like the way I expressed myself in art medias. While the skills such as painting and drawing also helped me to develop my other interests; I am very passionate about fashion design, my surroundings completely melt away when I’m working. Fashion and art led me to find a way to identify myself, understand my perspective, and gives me unlimited inspiration.

On the other hand, if saying being an international student brings me struggles in college, art gives me a refreshed life. Art has the power to unite people across different cultures and art is the language itself. I really like to go for the extremes of each media and include some anti-social elements in my works because I am tired of appreciating the traditional values; I like the style of art that have powerful expressions that could give the viewers strong visual impacts.

Wanqi Wang painting