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Teresa Denison

Teresa Denison

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Art & Art History (studio)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I am from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Growing up in the city, I’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by art in its many forms for my entire life. Being exposed to a variety of galleries, museums, and shows starting at a young age allowed for my interest and appreciation for art to blossom into the love I share for it now. I am fortunate to be a part of a family who loves to travel, and this has afforded me many incredible opportunities to experience a diverse range of art across the world. I am constantly inspired by the places and people I love, in particular I think my brother and I share a special connection through our passions for art and culture.  However, in high school, I seldom had the time to work with art. When my first campus visit, I liked the campus size, community and decided to explore St. Lawrence, after taking several classes, I made my major in studio art.

When I’m not in the studio, I spend time at skiing, playing golf, traveling , music and hanging out with my friends (sometimes doing homework too). I live in the Commons College theme house on campus and I love spending as much of my time with my housemates as I possibly can because they are the greatest people I know. I also work as an admission ambassador with the admission office.

I was inspired by professor Melissa  Schulenberg, and my SYE project advisor Kasarian Dane. I am currently working on my SYE project which will displayed as a part of the final Brush Gallery show in the Spring alongside my fellow studio art majors. My project is going to be a combination of media including painting, photography, text, and collage. I’ve never really grounded myself to one particular medium in my art practice, so this project is really a culmination of the many media in which I enjoy working in. My particular interest is to use visual art to represent things inside my brain.

As for the future career plan, alongside my studio art major I am also a Business major, so my ultimate goal would be to end up in a field where I can apply myself in both areas of interest. After graduation, my plan is to take a year off to ski and travel while I prepare to apply for a master’s program at either Christie’s or Sotheby’s Institute of Art in Art Business.