Ryan Davis | St. Lawrence University Art and Art History

Ryan Davis


Class year: 
Art & Art History (studio)
Rockport, Massachusetts

 I’m from Rockport, MA, a small fishing village on the North Shore of Massachusetts where I live with my parents and triplet siblings. I spent a majority of my time there working on my dad’s lobster boat and fishing. I was lucky enough to grow up in a place with such a strong artistic tradition and I took advantage of this by taking art classes at a young age. 

 When I am outside of the studio, I’ve always enjoyed being active and spending my time outdoors fishing and playing soccer. During the last four years, I was also on the St. Lawrence Rowing team.

My recent projects have originated from my interests of art history, tattoos and music. I take paintings from the Baroque era and subvert the meanings of the original context by adding in my own modern interpretation. I’ve always been interested in the artistic qualities and complexities of tattoos and graffiti art and incorporate those aesthetics into my work. 

As for future plan, I hopefully can Intern in NYC in the summer while simultaneously finishing my portfolio for graduate school. I’d like to attend Rhode Island School of Design or Yale for my MFA.  

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