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Lydia Bouricius

Lydia Bouricius

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Art and Art History
Peace Studies
Burlington, Vermont

I am from Burlington VT where I live with my parents and younger brother. I have always been interested in the arts, particularly drawing and collage and more recently printmaking. I love how we can create beautiful and intriguing things out ordinary objects.

Other than art I like to spend my time laughing with friends or practicing yoga. I am also a reading/math tutuor with the education department.

I really enjoy puzzle games like sudoku, crosswords, and tetris.Recently I have been using concepts from these games in my artwork by setting up rules for my line drawings. I think the intricacies of hand drawn mazes and plan to use them as an inspiration for my SYE project this semester. I am also working on developing my skills as a printmaker in printmaking II. I love the combination of detailed planning and touch and go problem solving that my artwork requires and I hope that whatever I may do in the future draws on these skills. I hope to always be an artist and be surrounded by interesting problems and creative solutions whether my future is in the art world or elsewhere.