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Kayse Brunell

Kayse Brunell

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Art & Art History (studio)
Plattsburgh, New York

I grew up in Plattsburgh, New York about two hours east of St Lawrence. Situated on Lake Champlain and close to Whiteface, I spent my winters in the mountains and summers lifeguarding. I took my first photo class as a junior in high school at Plattsburgh Senior High. This is where I learned what a darkroom was and how to use a pinhole camera, it is also where I fostered my love of film photography.

In my spare time I enjoy taking portraits of friends with my roommate Abigail and going to Harper Falls. I also ski as much as I can during the winter and love to teach as well. I am also interested in finding new musical artists on SoundCloud, I was very late to the Spotify bandwagon but still enjoy listening to music on there as well. I also enjoy practicing musical instruments such as piano, guitar, and saxophone. I really cherish live music and love when Java has acoustic open mic nights. 

I am currently working on a photo project that is based on my photo project called “I love you so” from my time studying abroad in Cortona, Italy. I am focusing on lines, light, and language. I am taking snippets of writings that my friends have given to me and overlaying pieces of them over my own scanned digital negatives. I am also working on a wood sculpture incorporating impactful songs from the four years I have spent at SLU.

My future career plans include taking a year off to be a ski instructor out in Utah and then hopefully working in outdoor marketing field in Silicon Slopes.

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