Katherine Caldwell

Katherine Caldwell
Katherine Caldwell
Art & Art History (studio)
European Studies
Concord, Massachusetts

My hometown is Concord, MA.I have always loved art in school and out, but didn’t think I would major in it until I started to learn more about job options after college for students with an art degree. My favorite medium is oil paint, but have been learning more about digital art and its potential. I just got back from an art abroad this past fall in Italy, where I took all studio classes (painting, ceramics, and photography) and an art history course. I had an amazing time experiencing the landscapes and cityscapes that my favorite artists had studied and lived in themselves.

Outside of school, I enjoy playing piano, club soccer at SLU, hiking in the Adirondacks, and traveling. I also work as an assistatn for the Brush Art Gallery.

Currently I am taking Ceramics I, Digital Media and Culture I, History of Global Environmental Movements, and an intercultural travel writing English course. In ceramics, I am building on my introduction from my fall course in Italy, and stretching myself to throw more pounds at a time on the wheel. In the digital art class, I am learning about Photoshop and Illustrator, and am currently creating an original gif. Unfortunately, I do not have a lot of time to work on projects outside of class, but paint at every chance I get. I enjoyed figure painting, and tried to convey with audience through their facial expression. Last summer I received a grant to travel to Gaspe, Quebec, to study and paint for a week, which gave me an introduction to plein air painting, and inspired me to push my painting ability as well as travel more.

I applied to a SLU Fellowship this summer where I will be able to research Adirondack painters such as Harold Weston and Frederic Remington, while experiencing the same environment they studied in, much like my time in Italy. I plan to work with Professor Kasarian Dane to incorporate some of these artists’ styles and techniques into my own. In the future, I plan to paint as much as I can, while hopefully working in marketing, specifically logo and branding design.

Katherine Caldwell