Julia Banfi | St. Lawrence University Art and Art History

Julia Banfi


Class year: 
Art & Art History (studio)
Bellevue, Washington

My home town is Bellevue, Washington. It is located about 10 minutes away from downtown Seattle. I grew up with two brothers and my parents. A lot of my artistic ability comes from my mother, a painter. Although painting is not my medium, she gave me a greater understanding of the techniques and difficulties that go into painting. My interests have been changing as I have been changing throughout the past couple years. Photography seems to be my favorite medium thus far and I hope to continue that.

If not studying or hanging with friends, I love to go for long runs and watching foreign films in my spare time. I thoroughly enjoy watching films in different languages, I am fluent in Spanish and currently in a French course. Romance languages have a special place in my heart. I also love playing ping pong.

One of my current projects is in photography. It is all about the performance of gender. In one of my art history courses, Queer Theory, we are reading a book called "Gender Trouble" by Judith Butler.  One passage speaks about how we perform our genders and sometimes without even thinking about it. For example, how do you see your gender in your room versus how do you see your gender in public? Is it more evident? How is one more masculine and one more feminine? How do materials help convey your gender? What happens if all materials are stripped? That's what I am most concerned recently. I am taking photos of three different females. Although they identify as females they all perform femininity differently. I am still figuring out the process of how I want to capture that but I know I can make it interesting. I love how much my art courses intertwine.

My absolute dream would be to move to Germany right after graduation and work in a museum in Berlin. However, realistically, I have plans of joining the peace core or becoming an AP art history teacher in high school. Also love the possibility of being an art curator in a local museum somewhere not on the west coast. I do not see myself in one location for long so I like to keep my options very open.