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Hannah Owh

Hannah Owh

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Art & Art History
Ithaca, NY

I am from Ithaca, NY which, as anyone who has been there will know, is a very creative place. It’s a place brimming with visual artists and musicians and everyone in between. It’s both a graffiti and Reggae hotspot and so, growing up among a community of artists definitely had something to do with fueling my already creative nature.

I started my artistic adventure before I can remember. Some of my earliest memories of art were following tutorials in an animal drawing book but it wasn’t really until college that I really embraced my artistic side. It had always been a hobby, but not something I took seriously. My confidence in my creativity was always, and still is, pretty shaky, I find myself constantly comparing myself to others but, at St. Lawrence, I finally found a way to embrace my own voice and creativity.

My current work is inspired by three things: Nature, The Matrix, and Bladerunner. The blend that I find myself mixing between a dystopian, robotic, future and nature is something I am currently developing and hope to continue. It is exciting to find new ideas and outlets for expressing these ideas and so, I always find myself in an experimental phase. For now, this isn’t something that I am trying to change. I hope to continue to experiment with my ideas and expression for many years after I graduate.

Artwork by Hannah Owh