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Glenice Gallagher

Glenice Gallagher

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Art & Art History (studio)
Lake Placid, New York

I am from Lake Placid, New York, a small town in the Adirondack mountains that was home to both the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics. It is a community of athletes, as well as artists, because the surrounding mountains and lakes are the perfect setting for all kinds of activities, from skiing and biking to painting and photography. My parents pushed me to expand my horizons and inspired me to become involved in both these communities.

My enthusiasm for art began at an early age taking classes at the local Center for the Arts. I took ceramics, drawing, painting and even dance classes, but I eventually found that my passion was in drawing. Through the classes I’ve taken here at St. Lawrence I have developed a drive to achieve photorealism in the subjects I choose to draw. My theme for each series changes, but my focus is always on the human form, specifically the face. I find the intersection of emotions and thoughts with facial features and expressions to be fascinating. My last series (shown here) was a reaction to the male gaze and an attempt to reverse the narrative by making each image as ambiguous as I could, thus allowing the viewer to decide if they were regarding me or if I, them.

As far as career plans go, that it still up in the air. I hope to eventually combine both my art and my psychology major, but I’m unsure to what capacity this is possible.


Glenice Gallagher Self-Portrait