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Andy Ostler


Class year: 
Art & Art History (studio)
Sport and Exercise Science
Hartford, Vermont

I was born and raised on a small farm in Hartford, Vermont with my mother, Tracy, father, Thomas, and sister, Casey, alongside numerous cows, horses, cats and dogs. My grandparents, Annelies and George, also used to live with us. My grandfather and I would always draw together. He would begin the drawing and I would always finish it. He was an exceptional painter. I have pieces of his work hanging in my room. He really inspired me to create art, whether it was drawing on the back of paper plates after lunch to sitting outside with a few oil paints and some paper. It wasn’t until college that I started seriously pursuing art and able to really develop my skill.

I really love photography. On my 13th birthday I asked for a video camera, and thus started my obsession! Outside the studio, I love to play soccer, lacrosse, and ski. I'm the Special Events Co-Chair on ACE and have served as a Senator on Thelmo. I also love to read, it’s a part of my New Year’s resolution to make more time for free reading. In the warmer seasons, I enjoy riding my bike and being outside.

Last semester I was introduced to figurative sculpture with Amy Hauber. Sculpture has become my favorite medium. In Amy’s class, I created a life size self portrait head. It was an incredible accomplishment to have an end product that actually looks like me. I believe my most favorite piece, though, is that of a female figure sitting cross legged and looking down. She only took me about 3 hours to make, but I love the way she she came out. I believe it ended up becoming a very personal piece of artwork.

As of right now, my future plans include attending graduate school. I would like to continue with the arts, maybe learning more about graphic design and maybe moving somewhere a little warmer for a little while!

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