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Andrew Hale

Andrew Hale

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Art & Art History (Art History)
Eliot, Maine

 I am from Eliot, Maine. Art has always been a part of my family, my grandfather does a lot of oil on canvas landscapes, my father was an art major at UNH and focused in architecture, and my brother just recently graduation from Hofstra with a degree in film. So having grown up around creative individuals has inspired a lot of what I try and do.

My passion for photography started in high school and blossomed when I arrived at St. Lawrence. As my studies have continued in Art History, artist from all mediums have begun to influence my photography. Artists such as Edward Hopper and Gregory Crewdson. I choose photography because it challenges me. With everyone holding a phone with a camera in their pocket these days it’s incredibly easy to take photos. So the challenge to stand out from everyone else is something that has really driven this passion of my and has made me take a step back from almost every photograph and try and see it from a new way. A special teacher would absolutely be Sarah Knobel. I’ve had her for three different classes and everyone has helped guide and advance my practice of photography. 

I’m a membert of Beta Theta Pi. I love taking photos, watching films, playing sports and enjoying food. I am currently working on a photo series in Rome focusing on how new architecture compliments the ancient.

As far as career plan, that is still up in the air. My plan constantly changes from one thing to the next. I have worked in manhattan doing fashion design, then I wanted to go into UI/UX design, now I’m thinking about film and photography. I have family working in the ad agency world which is why I was thinking of going that direction in hopes of finding a good internship to put on my resume.