Sculpture and Extended Media

All sculpture/extended media courses are taught by Amy Hauber, Associate Professor, who offers this excerpt from her syllabi:

"Encountering the complexity and ambivalence in contemporary sculpture, one stands in awe. Reviewing the past half century we find primary structures and minimal art, kinetic, junk, assemblage, object, reductive ... hard edge, soft, structured, serial repetition, happenings, environments, multiples... punk, pop, op, combined, technological, and systems-oriented sculpture, plus all the traditional forms... Add to all of these expressions the involvements in the past few years of conceptual, informational, situational, body art, performance, and theatrical forms; stir in process; add a dash of self-concern with reality and the environment; the result is overpowering.“         
                                                                                                      -excerpt from The Ambivalence of Sculpture, James J. Kelly

Hauber says about sculpture courses at SLU:

"The term "sculpture" alone is no longer sufficient in describing what is being created in the world of contemporary art and culture that does not fit neatly into two dimensions.  Students studying sculpture at St. Lawrence will be educated in the fundamentals of 3D design and will be exposed to a number of processes and images both contemporary and historic/traditional.

As in all of my courses, I attempt to strike a balance between a grounding in technical skill, helping students determine what they are motivated to make work about, help them to self-define appropriate "craftsmanship" and serious conceptual development.

Because "sculpture" has grown into such an enormous and broad discipline, students are expected to work in traditional and very contemporary processes such as observational sculpting, wood and metal fabrication, carving or other reductive methods, soft sculptural processes, ephemeral processes such as environmental works and so on."

SCULPTURE FACILITIES and EQUIPMENT only available for use by trained students under supervision.


  • Delta standing planer and jointer
  • Jet band saw
  • Delta belt and disc sander
  • Powermatic Table saw
  • 12 wood working benches and vises
  • Swiss made chisels
  • Drill press


  • two MIG welders
  • two oxy-acetalene welding setups with splitters
  • jump shear
  • slip roll
  • finger break
  • mounted metal punch
  • Miller plasma cutter
  • Centaur forge (small)
  • Foundry at nearby SUNY Potsdam that is occasionally available for use.