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SYE Students Works of Art on Display

SYE (Senior Year Experience) 2018: Beauty and Resistance

Lydia Bouricius   Untitled 2018 Sharpie on Paper

Alexandra Brazo   Untitled 2018 Archival pigment print

Kayse Brunell       Untitled 2018 Archival Digital Prints/ Growth 2018 White Birch, Wood Glue and Acrylic with Printed Book/ Reflections 2018 Archival Pigment Print 

Ziyao Chen           The Missing Part 2018 Oil on Canvas/  My Body 2018 Archival Digital Prints

Ryan Davis           Moneychangers 2018 Oil and spray Paint on Canvas

Teresa Denison     Inside Out 2018 Archival Digital, Acrylic and Wood

Rose Green           Flower Observations 2018 Graphite and Acrylic on Paper/Canvas

Abigail Greene     I Was Just Thinking 2018 Mixed Media/ Girls Girls Girls 2018 Acrylic on Canvas

Gibson Howell      Untitled 2018 Acrylic on Canvas/ Melt 2018 Looping Rotoscope Animation

Janelle Lawrence   Majesty 2018 Oil on Canvas

Rachel Starr          Conversation 2018 Latex on Canvas with Chair

Cheyenne Tardie   Serenity 2018 Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

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