Linda Strauss, Artist and Teacher, Retiring in May

Linda Strauss, artist and teacher, has been a member of the Department of Art and Art History since 1993.   A resident of Potsdam, she received her professional training at Vermont College of Norwich University, and she came to us with prior teaching experience at SUNY Potsdam.  In the more than two decades since Lindy joined our department, she has been offering multiple sections of our introductory courses in Studio Art, AAH 121, and Drawing 1.  During most semesters, she has juggled these duties with adjunct teaching in Potsdam:  this adds up to a lot of commuting!  Even so, despite a hectic schedule, Lindy has always participated in our meetings and other departmental activities.  In the spring semester, 2014, Lindy is teaching these courses for the last time, prior to her retirement, and she offers the following reflections on her experiences, as well as images of her work as an artist. See Lindys artwork HERE

In the Fall of 1992 a friend at SUNY Potsdam, where I was teaching drawing, told me there was an opening for a Studio Foundations adjunct here at St. Lawrence.  I applied for the position and was hired to teach one section of Introduction to Studio Art in the Spring semester of ’93.  I have been teaching at SLU since then- one course for a while and then two and in the last two years, three studio classes a semester.

I have truly enjoyed my years here at St. Lawrence.  It has been an honor and a joy to share the discipline I love with others and I value my associations with work friends.  St. Lawrence University is peopled with creative, intelligent, caring individuals of all stripes.  I am leaving college teaching with the same idealistic optimism I possessed when I began this experience twenty-one years ago.  It’s been much more than a job.

The college campus is an inspiring environment, and St. Lawrence is one of the best.  I feel as if I will be “graduating” in May with many wonderful memories and as many hopes for the future.  My husband and I will be relocating to the Gulf Coast of Florida-- lots of sunny days and warm weather.  I think I can make art in Florida.  Printmakers are needed everywhere.