Art & Art History SYE Exhibition 2018, April 27- May 20 | St. Lawrence University Art and Art History

Art & Art History SYE Exhibition 2018, April 27- May 20

April 27 – May 20 Art & Art History SYE Exhibition: Beauty and Resistance. Richard F. Brush Art Gallery.

Opening reception: Friday, April 27 at 5:30, in the gallery

No Individual theme or central concept was given to the 13 student artists prior to this year's annual senior exhibition. Each artist was free to explore his or her own interests in any medium. However, after numerous discussions and critiques, the overarching concepts of beauty and resistance emerged. Some artists focused on notions of beauty from history, while others investigated concepts of beauty in culture today, sometimes embracing or questioning these notions. For other artists, resistance was a key issue, addressing it at times in overt and challenging ways, and at other times using subtler and more subversive methods. Often, both beauty and resistance are present in a single piece, without valuing one over the other.

This exhibition represents a key component of the capstone course in which art and art history majors with a concentration in studio art explore practical  and conceptual aspects of becoming an artist. Students are involved in each step  of the exhibition process, including exhibition design and planning, installation, publicity, and documentation.