Art Alumni Illustrates A Cookbook

Alli Howe, class of 2012, has illustrated a cookbook; it's a hand-written and illustrated work that has fun drawings that accompany each recipe.   This is what Alli wrote us about the cookbook project. . .


" I had been working at Green Hope Farm for about five minutes before my boss had me doing little art tasks. First, it was to write the Labels, then design little cards to go into packages, then a T-Shirt. After spending the fall there I left the Farm for the winter to be a ski bum and photographer in Colorado. When I returned in the spring I was excited to start more little projects, never anticipating the magnitude of the project to come! 

One afternoon while we were enjoying some cookies that Molly (the author) had made I asked her if she ever thought of putting all of her amazing recipes together in a cookbook (having enjoyed her cooking countless times before). She said that she had and had put recipes together for friends and such but never anything that was public. She was thrilled that I wanted to take on the project and quickly started to put together recipes that she thought would be cookbook worthy. My original idea was fun pictures of us cooking and then the recipes along with them. But one day Molly pulled me aside and told me about her brilliant plan:  a hand written and illustrated book! Filled with fun drawings to go along with each recipe. And after four and a half months, 200 recipes, and lots of strange calluses on my right hand, we were off to the printer with a huge stack of drawings! 

It was the most unique project! I am so proud of the end product and now to have time to cook all those wonderful recipes that I had been reading and re-reading for months!! "


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