Exhibition: "Curating for Change" | St. Lawrence University Art and Art History

Exhibition: "Curating for Change"

April 26 - May 18, 2019
Richard F. Brush Art Gallery (hallway gallery)
Griffiths Arts Center

Melissa Proietti’s first year seminar course, introduces the concept of curation as a research method, exploring the self in relation to personal reflection, others in the immediate surroundings and larger world concepts. Students curated two types of exhibits; a smaller photovoice exhibit and a larger collaborative exhibit in the Brush Art Gallery. Working through curation, students created new knowledge around a topic they decided to focus on and was responsible for completing all the steps in the successful production of a completed show. Students engaged in all aspects including planning, production, and promotion, and will work on building a collaborative annotated bibliography that was available to every student in the class. Students also had the opportunity to discuss with different curators about their different experiences in the field, creating an understanding of whose stories are told in which spaces and why.