DRAWING I: The introductory drawing course emphasizes the development of observational skills through in-class exercises and extended drawings outside of class.  This formal methodology is tempered by the introduction of more contemporary and abstract approaches to direct mark-making.

DRAWING II: Depending on the instructor teaching this course, this advanced course builds upon the skill learned in Drawing I, generally with more emphasis on the human figure, personal artistic expression, and finding a one’s visual “voice”.

ABSTRACT DRAWING: ULI and Other Forms, Professor Obiora Udechukwu
The principal objective of this course is to expose students to some abstract drawing traditions of the world and, through studio practices structured around these traditions, enable students to explore the potential of abstract drawing as a viable and independent means of expression. Using the Uli drawing/painting tradition of Nigeria as a point of departure, the course covers European calligraphy; Chinese, Japanese and Arabic calligraphy and painting; and the graphic works of modern artists like Paul Klee, Joan Miro, Ben Shahn, Ibrahim el Salahi and Uche Okeke. This course counts for diversity distribution credit and is also offered through African Studies and Global Studies.