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Sarah Heatherton

Sarah Heatherton
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African Studies and Anthropology

I’ve been fascinated by people and cultures since I was young, but didn’t learn the word “Anthropology” until I came to St. Lawrence. At SLU I have gained experience in each of the four sub-disciplines of anthropology, focusing most specifically on cultural anthropology with a focus on African Studies. Among my favorite courses here have been “Myth, Magic, and Ritual” (linguistic anthropology), “Dealing with the Dead” (biological anthropology), “Humans and Other Animals” (cultural anthropology), and “Science and Pseudoscience” (archaeology). Each of my professors has been hugely influential in my education and I have immeasurable gratitude for the worlds they have opened my eyes to.  

            Through St. Lawrence I have gone abroad three times, each country teaching me to navigate its distinct streets, foods, languages, and norms. The summer after my freshman year I traveled to Rwanda with my advisor Dr. Wendi Haugh, where we learned about conservation, development, and reconciliation in a country known globally for its torn history. The next summer I traveled to Ireland to study Irish nationalism, separatist politics, and peace studies. During my junior year I spent a semester abroad in Kenya, taking courses on the history, language (Kiswahili), and culture. Towards the end of the semester I also spent a month working and traveling with a women’s empowerment organization in Tanzania. Each country has been exciting and challenging and I am proud I was able to call each one home, if only for a short time.  

            This past spring (2017) I have enjoyed working with Dr. Mindy Pitre on the Department’s archival system for our artifact collections. Specifically, I have spent time labeling and cataloguing our Ancient Hominins collection, and helping in the cleaning and reorganization of our animal skeletal remains. I plan on pursing a graduate degree in Museum Studies and public education.