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Ryan Belanger

Ryan Belanger
Class year: 
Computer Science
Keene, New Hampshire

Throughout my high school career, I planned on going into the field of physics, specifically astrophysics. I even went as far as taking two astronomy classes, two honor physics classes, and an AP physics class. Eventually I began to lose my passion for physics, which led me to explore my other interests including what I would come to know as anthropology.

My first real exposure to anthropology was in my high school senior English class during which I had to write a research paper on a topic of my choice. I chose to write about the potential difference in speaking abilities between Homo sapiens and Neanderthals as an explanation for why Homo sapiens out-survived the Neanderthals. After writing this paper I knew that I wanted to continue exploring anthropology in college.

With this in mind, I took Dr. Pitre’s Human Origins class during my freshman year and knew halfway through the semester that I wanted to major in anthropology with a focus in archeology. I was able to further my anthropological training through study abroad experiences and with the help of professors in the department who were able to help me find experiences outside of the classroom.

During my study abroad semester in Rome I took classes both on the culture of Italy and the archeological history of the Roman Empire. After coming back from Rome I stared working for the Anthropology department where I helped catalogue an ethnographic collection. I am also currently interning at TAUNY and have been helping them to enter their North Country Heritage Awards into a national online database. Finally, for the summer after my senior year, I will work with Dr. Pitre on her Death in St. Lawrence County Project as the Community Outreach assistant in charge of keeping the great Canton community updated with the happenings of the project.