Roger Brandt

Roger Brandt
Roger Brandt
Business in the Liberal Arts
Garnet Valley, PA

When I first arrived on St. Lawrence’s campus I had little idea what Anthropology was or what the discipline entailed.  But that changed during my freshman year when I decided to take a linguistic anthropology course with Dr. Adam Harr.  From the first reading and lecture I knew that I had stumbled upon something that would forever change my life. Linguistic anthropology in particular, quickly became a passion of mine.  Every semester I would continue to study more subfields and broaden my knowledge of anthropology. 

Continuing my linguistic anthropology studies, I spent a semester in Vienna, Austria, a city known for holding countless languages within.  I was able to observe how numerous languages have blended together to adapt and accept bits and pieces from all of the others.  I would spend my days in cafes or parks listening and absorbing the conversations around me, immersing myself completely.  My immersion into the language allowed me to eventually converse freely in the German language.  Being able to experience a city like Vienna through the eyes and ears of an anthropologist changed my abroad experience in a way I could have never imagined.

I would have never found my passion at St. Lawrence had it not been for the fantastic faculty who work in the Department of Anthropology.  Each professor I have studied under has been incredible as I find my way through my university experience and begin to think about life after college.  Whenever I have a question or need to talk something through, I know that any one the professors would be willing to help.