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Caroline McCarthy

Caroline McCarthy
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Business in the Liberal Arts
South Burlington, Vermont

I began my academic career at St. Lawrence similar to many of my peers as a biology major on the pre-med track. Much like many of those students, I quickly realized this path wasn’t for me. At that point I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to major in or even what kind of classes I wanted to take. I signed up for cultural anthropology with Dr. Wendi Haugh simply to satisfy a distribution requirement, but then I came to love the subject. I decided I wanted to major in anthropology and study abroad in Kenya, which is something I still plan on doing.  I signed up for the other three introductory classes within the department and loved them just as much as the first.

At St. Lawrence we are particularly lucky because we have a professor from all four disciplines within anthropology. This allows students to study many different subject areas and find what really interests them. Our professors are incredibly enthusiastic about the subject which makes going to class much more enjoyable, and they are always willing to help and support their students in accomplishing their goals.

One aspect of my anthropology career at SLU thus far that I have really enjoyed is Dr. Mindy Pitre’s Death in St. Lawrence County Project. The project’s goal is to document and map over 200 cemeteries in St. Lawrence County in order to understand life in the area. In the second semester of my sophomore year, I began documenting over 2,000 residents that lived in the St. Lawrence County Poorhouse over a time span of about 100 years. Throughout this project I have become connected to the inmates of the Poorhouse and the St. Lawrence area in ways I never imagined I would.