Atlatl Battle Weekend

The Department of Anthropology is hosting a two-day event during Family Weekend that features an Ancient Tool-Making Workshop and an Atlatl Battle against students from SUNY Potsdam.

As part of the weekend Bob and Cheryll Berg from Thunderbird Atlatl will be on campus for the event, teaching our students how to make and use ancient tool technology.

The events are as follows:

Ancient Tool-Making Workshop | Quad
Friday Sept 26, 1 – 5 p.m. 
Want to see Anthropology students learn how to make ancient tools such as arrows and darts? Or perhaps watch them throw darts using ancient spear-throwers called atlatls? Stop by the quad to see Bob Berg of Thunderbird Atlatl as he teaches our students the skills used by our ancestors to create and use some of the world’s earliest tools. Hosted by the Department of Anthropology.
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Atlatl Battle | Quad
Saturday  Sept 27, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Watch Anthropology students from St. Lawrence and SUNY Potsdam use atlatls, some of the world’s earliest tools, in a spear-throwing competition. Who will win the competition and take the coveted title of Atlatl Battle 2014 champions? Stop by the quad to find out.
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Faculty from both SLU and SUNY Potsdam have been working (and training) hard to bring this event to SLU. We hope to see many of our students there!