Dr. Ali Pomponio | St. Lawrence University Anthropology

Dr. Ali Pomponio

Dr. Alice Pomponio (Professor, Ph.D. Bryn Mawr) was a cultural anthropologist and linguist who did over two years of field research in Papua New Guinea, as well as in Italy. She spent a year and a half in Kenya co-directing the St. Lawrence program there. She offered courses in linguistics; Peoples of the Pacific Islands; Aboriginal Australia; peoples and belief systems of Africa; myth, ritual, and symbolism; the anthropology of sex and gender; and psychological anthropology. She was past President of the International Association for Social Anthropology in Oceania. Her many publications include the books Seagulls Don’t Fly into the Bush: Cultural Identity and Development in Melanesia and, as senior editor, Children of Kilibob: Creation, Cosmos, and Culture in Northeast New Guinea. In 2007-08, she served as the J. William Fulbright Senior Lecturer to Italy by team-teaching a course comparing American and European approaches to ritual, festival, and performance in European Ethnology. She also continued her research on the Palio of Siena, a horse race steeped in Medieval history, pageantry, and religion. She was compiling an encyclopedic dictionary of Mutu, an endangered language from the Siassi Islands, Papua New Guinea.