Shutdown and Refund Policy | St. Lawrence University Always Forward: Returning to St. Lawrence

Shutdown and Refund Policy

We recognize that despite all prudent care, the University may need to decide at any time to close campus and move to a remote model of learning. 

The University continues to work regularly with St. Lawrence County Public Health to monitor available regional resources for in-home and in-hospital care and will follow County Public Health guidance on when the University’s case load is becoming unreasonable for continued safe operations.

A full shutdown will depend on:

  • the progress of the pandemic in the region;
  • regional hospitals’ on-going capacity to treat COVID-19 patients;
  • the occupancy of the University’s isolation and quarantine facilities (including our overflow facilities);
  • orders of directives from the County or New York State; or
  • any rapid shifts in infection metrics.

If and when it becomes unreasonable to continue safe operations, the University will announce plans to revert to online learning a week in advance of doing so (if possible).

It is expected that students will be asked to pack their rooms and depart with all their belongings within five (5) days. The University will work to secure bus transportation if such transportation is determined to be safe. Offices will revert to essential workforce only, as defined in the March – May 2020 time period, and staff will be asked again to work from home for as long as needed. Students unable to travel or whose home situations would be unsafe may apply for campus residency, as in March 2020, with a committee reviewing the applications and strict guidelines for compliance in effect.

Refund Policy

  1. If a student is sent home for disciplinary reasons, no refunds will be provided.
  2. If a student is sent home for medical reasons, the current refund policy for medical leaves as cited in the University Catalog will be utilized and we encourage families to accept tuition insurance.
  3. The University will not refund tuition, room or board if students arrive late to the semester for any reason.
  4. If a student elects to cease in-person attendance after the semester’s Add/Drop date and/or vacate his/her/their assigned housing unit based on concerns related to COVID-19 in the absence of a mandated departure as described in paragraph 5, no refunds will be provided.
  5. If the University must cease on-campus learning and continue with remote learning for all students, there will be no refund of tuition. 
  6. The current room and board refund policy in the University Catalog will guide the room and board refund, which provides for reimbursement if, upon shut down, less than 60% of semester has been reached.
    • The 60% date for each semester is:
      • Fall Semester (Semester I): October 26
      • Spring Semester (Semester II): March 6 for students who withdraw on their own; March 13 if the University is required to suspend on-campus learning for all students.
      • Summer Semester (Semester III): June 12