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Semester Arrivals and Departures

This section summarizes key dates and information regarding arrival and opening of the third (summer) semester.

Students should review this information carefully, discuss with their family members and loved ones, and be mindful of current national and New York State public health trends and travel mandates (if applicable). Students are encouraged to determine travel plans based on these factors, and also to continue checking these mandates since they are changed on occasion.

Summer 2021 Semester Principles

Fundamental to our safety planning is the concept of “one arrival, one departure” meaning there will be no breaks in the semester and travel will have the same limitations as the fall and spring semesters.  Adherence to the Laurentian Pact, with violators subject to removal from campus residency, will remain our expectation.

Summer 2021 Semester Key Dates

These processes apply to students who have been vaccinated as well as those not yet vaccinated.

  • Wednesday, March 3: April interim petition forms** available for remaining students on campus between semesters due to extreme hardship
  • Wednesday, March 10: April interim petition forms due
  • Wednesday, March 17: Summer housing forms available 
  • Friday, March 19: Students receive notice about between-semester residency
  • Monday, March 22: Last day to petition to change plans for campus residency or remote enrollment. Decisions made after March 22 will carry a $1,500 administrative fee.
  • Wednesday, March 24: Summer housing forms due
  • Friday, April 16: Summer residence assignments released
  • Tuesday, April 27: Pre-arrival test at home for all students 
  • Saturday, May 1: Arrival date for non-vaccinated students.  Return by appointment (2 p.m. – 6 p.m.), complete Day 1 arrival test, and enter “Phase 0” quarantine. 
  • Monday, May 3: Classes begin remotely
  • Tuesday, May 4:  Arrival date for students fully vaccinated+ by April 20. Return by appointment (12 p.m. – 2 p.m.), complete arrival test, and enter “Phase 0” quarantine for 1 day until negative results are received. Proof of vaccine should be uploaded to Medicat.
  • Tuesday, May 4: Day 4 follow-up test
  • Thursday, May 6: In-person classes scheduled to begin
  • Friday, July 9: Residence halls close at 5 p.m.
  • Monday, May 3: Classes begin remotely

**The April interim petition process is only open to students enrolled in both the Spring 2021 and Summer 2021 semesters. It does not apply to international students who were enrolled in Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters and are not registered as active students for the Summer Semester.

+Fully vaccinated means having received two doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, or one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, and waiting two weeks after the final dose.

No late arrival will be accommodated for students registered for the summer, except for late arrivals due to COVID-related issues with documentation from a medical provider.

After Day 4 results for all students are received, the University will enter “Phase 1” rules:

  • interactions limited to the extended family unit only;
  • travel allowed only in St. Lawrence County;
  • all health practices in place, such as mandatory wearing of masks indoors and outdoors when in the presence of another person or the possibility of being in the presence of another person;
  • social distancing;
  • groups no larger than 10 allowed without special permission and then only as large as the state permits at the time; 

Other restrictions may apply based on regional health circumstances and state requirements.

These expectations apply to students who have been vaccinated as well as those not yet vaccinated. All Laurentian Pact regulations will apply and penalties for violations can include removal from campus for remote-only learning.

Phase 2 rules (movement within dorms) and Phase 3 rules (movement among dorms) will be announced when the University feels it is safe to transition to a new phase.

Summer 2021 Semester Move-In

These processes apply to students who have been vaccinated as well as those not yet vaccinated.


All students, regardless of where they travel from to arrive in Canton, will follow the same University guidelines. 

All travelers coming to NYS from areas beyond the Border States (NJ, CT, PA, MA, VT) must fill out this form (

Required Testing

For the health and safety of the campus community, all students will be required to take a PCR nasal test three days before arrival for the Third Semester.

For consistency of methodology, assurance of response, and convenience, St. Lawrence University has contracted with Everlywell to conduct pre-arrival testing. The Everlywell at-home PCR nasal COVID-19 test is preferred and will be offered to every student residing in the US registered for the Spring semester. (Everlywell cannot process tests sent from outside the US.)

Students who wish to order an Everlywell test through the University must do so by April 1, 2021; tests will be mailed by Everlywell to the address of record in St. Lawrence’s database or an alternative address provided at the time of order. 

 A discounted charge of $90 per test will be added to student bills if they order a test. Note that this is not the same as the spring process. You must order an Everlywell test if you want an Everlywell test. To order an Everlywell test: Everlywell Test Kit Form - Summer 2021

Whether students use the Everlywell test or another PCR nasal test, all students will be required to have a PCR nasal test, whether from a medical provider or clinic at home, or the Everlywell test, three days before arrival on campus. An antigen test is NOT acceptable to St. Lawrence.

Testing Schedule and Arrival Instructions

Pre-Arrival Testing and At-Home Quarantine

  1. Students should take the Everlywell test (or their preferred PCR nasal test) in the morning on April 27 
  2. Send the test back to Everlywell on the same day the test is taken via the return carrier label provided. Results are expected within the three weekdays.
    1. Keep a tracking record of the Everlywell shipment. 
  3. As in the fall and spring, students are required to quarantine at home after they take the test and before they travel to campus.
  4. Students should upload the PDF of their results to Medicat (Health Services system) immediately upon receipt. Do not wait until their campus arrival.

Campus Arrival and Phase 0 Quarantine

  1. As in the fall and spring, all students will be tested upon arrival to campus and must report directly to the Leithead Field House Clinic at their scheduled appointment time upon arrival to campus. Students are not permitted to be on campus prior to their arrival at Leithead.
  2. When students check in, they will already need to have completed the below (students who do not comply will not be permitted to move into their campus residence):
    • A signed Laurentian Pact for the Third Semester
    • Pre-arrival test results submitted via Medicat
    • When applicable, proof of vaccine submitted via Medicat
  3. As in the previous semesters, one family member may accompany a student to campus but only the student may enter the residence hall.

Students whose test results have not yet arrived on their move-in date may not arrive on campus or will be sent home. Students not able to return home may be housed at Kirk Douglas Hall at a charge of $68 per person per night until negative test results are available.

Students should not expect to access campus housing before the scheduled move-in date of Saturday, May 1. Students will be tested on arrival (May 1, Day 1) and again on Day 4 (Tuesday, May 4) of Phase 0, and will remain in their residence hall room, in quarantine, until all results of Day 4 tests are received, which we anticipate will be by Thursday, May 6, at the latest. Therefore, classes should be remote May 3-4-5.

All students should expect to be retested the week of May 10 and then be tested at least every other week thereafter.

Students who have received the COVID vaccine will continue to test.

For questions regarding testing, please contact the Health Center at

Students Arriving for Summer Semester from International Destinations

For international students enrolled in the Summer Semester: If you expect to depart for St. Lawrence from an international location within 10 days of May 1, contact Tsewang Lama, for quarantine guidance.

All other students: For questions regarding traveling to campus or move-in, please contact Residence Life at

Breaks and Personal Belongings

Whatever a student's campus departure date may be, students must take all personal property home with them. We recognize that this is an inconvenience, but we are trying to avoid a situation like the one students and families experienced during Spring 2020. In the event the University cannot reopen as planned in January depending on the public health conditions, students might not be able to retrieve their belongings for weeks or months.

Any student who does not remove all personal property from campus will be charged an $850 room packing and storage fee. The University will contract with a third-party company to pack rooms that have not been packed by their occupants and the charge will cover fees associated with this.

Past Semester Plans

Archived: Fall 2020 Arrival Plan
Archived: Fall 2020 Departure Plan
Archived: Spring 2021 Arrival Plan