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Planning Teams and Committees

St. Lawrence has convened several planning groups and committees related to COVID-19 and its impact on St. Lawrence in order to monitor federal and state recommendations, offer guidance and recommendations, and communicate with our community. Groups meet regularly to synthesize the latest information, consult with experts, analyze risk, and prepare for various scenarios. The health and well-being of our campus community is our priority. 

Senior Staff

2020-2021 Planning Teams

Senior Staff

William L. Fox, President

Hagi Bradley, Vice President and Dean of Student Life
Lisa Cania, Vice President for Community and Employee Relations
Bob Durocher, Director of Athletics
Steven Hietsch, Vice President for Finance and Administration 
Florence Hines, Vice President and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid
Tom Pynchon, Vice President for University Advancement
Paul Redfern, Vice President for University Communications
Karl Schonberg, Vice President of the University and Dean of Academic Affairs
Dan Seaman, Chief Facilities Officer 

Academic Programs and Faculty (university calendar and events; off-campus programs)

The Academic Planning Committee will coordinate its conversations with Faculty Council, Department Chairs, Dean’s Staff, and the Academic Affairs Committee.

Convener: Karl Schonberg 
Faculty: Evelyn Jennings, Elun Gabriel, Val Lehr, Mindy Pitre, Kari Heckman, Marina Llorente, Melissa Schulenberg, Sarah Barber, and Loraina Ghiraldi
Staff: Lorie MacKenzie, Lisa Cania, Jim Forney, Rene Thatcher, Kimberly Flint-Hamilton
Student: Michael Miller ’22

Non-Academic Programs (athletics, student life, campus capital assets)

Convener: Bob Durocher 
Dan Seaman, Hagi Bradley, Chris Marquart, Elaine White, Randy LaBrake, Marcus Sherburne, Melissa Miller, and John O’Connor

Administration (policies, contracts, staffing levels, and budget)

Convener: Steve Hietsch 
Paul Redfern, Dayle Burgess, Eric Shinnick, Colleen Manley, and Val Lehr

Admissions, Advancement, and Long-term Financial Strategy

Convener: Tom Pynchon
Florence Hines, Pat Farmer, Jeremy Freeman, and Kim Hissong  

Campus Safe Occupancy (in-person logistics, restrictions, and new normal measures)

Co-conveners: Lisa Cania and Val Lehr
Erin Casey, Chris Marquart, Melissa Miller, Bob Hance, Bob Durocher, Sarah Barber, Mindy Pitre, Melissa Schulenberg, Loraina Ghiraldi, Pat Gagnon, Lorie McKenzie, and Molly Thompson ’22 (Thelmo President)

Campus Safe Occupancy Subcommittee: Campus Life in COVID Reality 

Guidelines and resources needed to have students on campus for a satisfying and safe experience

Convener: Chris Marquart
Elaine White, Elizabeth Miller, Hagi Bradley,  Randy LaBrake,  Stacie Olney LaPierre, Timothy Corbitt, Melissa Miller, John O’Connor, Pat Gagnon, Molly Thompson '22, Sarah Barber, Melissa Schulenberg, Tsewang Lama, Roxanne Cliff 

Campus Safe Occupancy Subcommittee: Return to Work Planning Team

Focused on employees returning to work, following the CICU and NYS DOH guidance documents for criteria to be addressed.

Convener: Pat Gagnon 
Lisa Cania, Karl Schonberg, Colleen Manley, Nick Ormasen, Dan Seaman, Randy LaBrake, Erin Casey 

Campus Safety Monitoring Committee

Convener: Lisa Cania
Valerie Lehr, Evelyn Jennings, Paul Redfern, Pat Gagnon, Rance Davis, Erin Casey

Student Safe Travel Committee

Convener: Marina Llorente
Erin Casey, Karin Heckman, Karl Schonberg, Eric Shinnick, Karen Smith