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States and Provinces

(Note that some are not abbreviated)

By directive of the US Postal Service, and according to the professional style guide we follow (the Associated Press Stylebook), USPS abbreviations (e.g., NY) should be used only when a full and complete address is used for mailing purposes. Until that changes (which it probably will eventually), we abide by it.

*When indicating in what community someone lives, use the “old-fashioned” abbreviations, with periods, as shown below: “Jane Alumna now lives in Burlington, Vt.” (Large, well-known cities do not require the state).

*When using state names only, always spell them out: “Jane Alumna has moved from Minnesota [not MN or Minn.] to Vermont.”

*Do not abbreviate the names of any foreign countries. For The United States, use “U.S.”

U.S. States
Alabama: Ala.
Arizona: Ariz.
Arkansas: Ark.
California: Calif.
Colorado: Col.
Connecticut: Conn.
Delaware: Del.
(District of Columbia): D.C.
Florida: Fla.
Georgia: Ga.
Illinois: Ill.
Indiana: Ind.
Kansas: Kan.
Kentucky: Ky.
Louisiana: La.
Maryland: Md.
Massachusetts: Mass.
Michigan: Mich.
Minnesota: Minn.
Mississippi: Miss.
Missouri: Mo.
Montana: Mont.
Nebraska: Neb.
Nevada: Nev.
New Hampshire: N.H.
New Jersey: N.J.
New Mexico: N.M.
New York: N.Y.
North Carolina: N.C.
North Dakota: N.D.
Oklahoma: Okla.
Oregon: Ore.
Pennsylvania: Pa.
Rhode Island: R.I.
South Carolina: S.C.
South Dakota: S.D.
Tennessee: Tenn.
Vermont: Vt.
Virginia: Va.
Washington: Wash.
West Virginia: W.Va.
Wisconsin: Wis.
Wyoming: Wyo.

Canadian Provinces/Territories
Alberta: Alb.
British Columbia: B.C.
Manitoba: Man.
New Brunswick: N.B.
Newfoundland: Newf.
Northwest Territories: N.W.T.
Nova Scotia: N.S.
Nunavut: Nun.
Ontario: Ont.
Prince Edward Island: P.E.I.
Quebec: Que.
Saskatchewan: Sask.
Yukon Territory: Y.T.